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GAUNTLET , Fully Booked.

Our first two-day gaming event, 8th and 9th July, at our new Mold venue is now fully booked.

We have tables booked for 64 people on Saturday and 78 people on Sunday.

On the Saturday the café remains open to the public (you know, normal people) so we will be sharing some spaces, and hence our capacity is limited.

Bookings for game organisers is now closed. We simply wont be able to provide more tables and space for more games.

However it is possible for additional people to join in an existing booking. For example Board Games has booked 6 tables for 12 players. As long as they don't exceed their 6 table booking they could squeeze up a bit and accommodate 13 or more players. Likewise if some of the other games choose to play 2v2 or 2v1 rather than 1v1 on the same number of tables, that's fine too. Basically our limit is table spaces and not headcount.

If you're going to attend, then please make sure your game organiser knows, likewise if you need to drop out - they may be able to bring in other players, or give up the space for other games.

Advance tickets to attend are still on sale for £5 until 16th June, £7 thereafter including on the day. Payment by card or cash any Wednesday or Thursday game night.


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