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Painting Competitions

Our Painting competitions run at our July GAUNTLET event, and then again at our Christmas Do.

There are prizes to be won

  • A worthless but fabulous trophy for you to raise aloft and gloat about for a whole year.

  • Rosemary and Co gift vouchers

  • Rosemary & Co, high quality Sable haired paint brushes.

Coming Soon

Painting Survey
Paint comp shield big (2)_edited.png
£200 worth of Rosemary & Co vouchers and brushes

At GAUNTLET there will be 2 categories

  1. The Painters Challenge

  2. The Open Category

Categories and rules for July Gauntlet are as follow:

Painters challenge

  • A Single Figure, still on sprue - provided by BattleGames. £1 to purchase your figure from Pete Morton or the committee.

  • The figure is competitors choice of:

    • Age of Sigmar Storm Cast

    • 40K Space Marine

  • A member may enter one Storm Cast and/or one Space Marine only.


  • Model cannot be modified in anyway, the model must be built as GW intended.

  • The base cannot elevate the model (so no adding height to the model) You can add stones and decorate the base around the model.

  • No adding electronics or non paint materials for effects on the model, this is purely a painting skill based competition.

Open Category

  • A Squad - 4-10 Models on bases in a squad of any genre, era, game system.


  • Gauntlet ticket is require to enter

  • No bigger than 60mm base size, any base shape is accepted but cannot exceed 60mm in any direction.

  • No dioramas, though if the models are from diorama and can be removed that is fine.

  • This year we will allow previously entered models in to the competition, as a kind of restart to the competition.

  • A member may make as many entries as they wish.

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