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Painting Comp!

Hi all!! Just some quick house keeping regarding the painting competition.

The competition it self is on the Sunday, if you can only attend on the Saturday thats ok your piece(s) can still be shown, all you need to do is leave it safe on the Saturday with your name and contact number.

Pete will be based in the cafe overseeing the competition and will help people set up, we ask people not to touch any models but their own out of respect.

Pete will also come round with a plastic voting token in the shape of a paint brush for the Painters Challenge and a glass bead for the Open Squad category, these token are to be exchanged for a small voting slips, where you will write the number or name of the model or squad you are voting for and put it in the voting box.

Voting opens from 10:00am hopefuly this gives enough time for all entries to be displayed.

Voting closes at 2:30pm followed by announcement of winners shortly after, this should be enough time for everyone to vote in between a game or lunch.


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