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£200 Worth of Prizes!

That got your attention! With July just around the corner we're taking a new approach to the painting aspect of the gaming hobby!

At Deeside Defenders we are passionate about the hobby as a whole and feel we should recognise talent not just on the gaming table but on the model too!

While playing various game systems I've seen some beautiful models, from Necromunda, Bolt Action, 40k, Mordhiem, Starwars too, and feel that they need their time to shine and possible win awards!

From now on the Deeside Defenders Painting competition (generously sponsored by Rosemary & Co. Brushes) will run at our July GAUNTLET event, and then again at our Christmas Do.

There will be prizes to be won

  • A worthless but fabulous trophy for you to raise aloft and gloat about for a whole year.

  • Rosemary and Co gift vouchers

  • Rosemary & Co, high quality Sable haired paint brushes.

At GAUNTLET there will be 2 categories

  1. The Open Category

  2. The Painters Challenge

Categories and rules for July Gauntlet are as follows, and are on the website:

Open Category

  • A Squad - 4-10 Models on bases in a squad of any genre, era, game system.


  • Gauntlet ticket is require to enter

  • No bigger than 60mm base size, any base shape is accepted but cannot exceed 60mm in any direction.

  • No dioramas, though if the models are from diorama and can be removed that is fine.

  • This year we will allow previously entered models in to the competition, as a kind of restart to the competition.

  • A member may make as many entries as they wish.

The Painter’s GAUNTLET Trophies

Painters challenge

  • A Single Figure, still on sprue - provided by BattleGames. £1 to purchase your figure from Pete Morton or the committee.

  • The figure is competitors choice of:

    • Age of Sigmar Storm Cast

    • 40K Space Marine

  • A member may enter one Storm Cast and/or one Space Marine only.


  • The model cannot be reposed or modified in anyway, the model must be built as GW intended.

  • The base cannot elevate the model (so no adding height to the model) You can add stones and decorate the base around the model.

  • No adding electronics or non paint materials for effects on the model, this is purely a painting skill based competition.

We are advertising this now to give everyone the opportunity to plan their entries. We shall have a display at our GAUNTlette event on 24th March where you can see the trophies you could win, the full rules for the competition, and also buy your Painters challenge figure(s).


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