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GAUNTlette - 24th March 2024

Thank you to the game organisers who have made bookings to run games at our first all- day gaming event of the year.

We have 55 tables space of games booked. From the riotous mob of 40k to the stately serenity of our board gamers. From the silliness of giant stompy robots to the serious business of chilly wizards. Check out the list of availble fun here

The building will be full, and we have CLOSED bookings for more games. If you wish to attend, and don't yet have a ticket there's plenty left but please make sure you check with the game organiser for space in their game.

Tickets are available from any of the fine gentlemen that normally extract fees from you. This now includes Josh Townley. Josh is dead keen to touch phones with you. Definitely hassle Josh for tickets. Josh is your man.

Tickets remain £5 until 14th March, or £7 thereafter.


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