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GAUNTLET arrangements.

8th and 9th July.

We have access to the building from 7pm on Friday 7th July.

We request at least one member from each planned game attend and help out.

Tables, chairs and boards to be set out. Members may leave their terrain set up over night at their own risk. Club terrain to be left secured in lockers.

Layout for Saturday is as follows:

Main Hall

Bloodbowl Tournament

Battle Tech

Axis and Allies

Battle Games Vendor

Cafe service and buffet

Room 1 - 40k 9th edition

Room 2 - Board Games

Room 4 - Horus Heresy

Remember we do not have access to the cafe area (other than for food) on Saturday as it’s open to the public.

Doors will open on Saturday and Sunday morning at 8:30. Cafe will be serving breakfast.

I have offered to stay until 10pm on Saturday for the board gamers to play late. Other groups are welcome to do so, but before leaving must organise their layout for Sunday.

Sunday close is 6pm.

Bring & buy and painting competition is only running on Sunday so please only bring your entries then. Contact Paul Jones to enter the paint competition, John Woolley for the bring & buy.

Matt Torkington. - your bolt action game will be in the main hall on Sunday with overspill in the cafe. Can at least one of your group attend after 6 on Saturday to help set up please.

We have a list of prepaid tickets and will be circulating to take on-the-day ticket payments of £7 each day for players. Visitors to come and see what we do are welcomed free of charge either day.

See you there.


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