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Endor Ready …?

[DavidAttenboroughVoice = Engaged]

"The pack leader is often to be found in his usual habitat, browsing the contents of his friendly local gaming store.

But here we see him in an unusual situation, gathering materials, presumably to improve the environment for his pack.

Catalogue modelling contract in the post

Moments before the camera took this photograph, there appeared to be an exchange of monies - a near mythical act, never before documented. No wonder the Alpha is posing so proudly having navigated the complexities of card payment.

Proud with his morning's hunter/gathering the alpha will no doubt bring his spoils back to the community."

[DavidAttenboroughVoice = Disengaged]

That's 6 boxes of new trees for the club terrain. Thank you Battle Games (our friendly local gaming store)! Bought from the proceeds of the club fees, with new trees being one of the top requested items in the recent scratch card vote.

These require some gluing and flocking to complete so a Blue Peter-esque crafting session shall be arranged on an upcoming Thursday for members to pitch in.


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