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Mats in Space!

We have received more clear matt bags for storing the club's terrain mats. So now EVERY mat stored at the club has a bag. We shall be re-bagging the mats* tonight. And labelling the club ones. If you have a personal mat that you leave at the club, please let me know TONIGHT. We are happy to provide a bag for it as it helps keep the storage clear. Henceforth, not replacing a terrain mat in a suitable bag shall be punishable by a stern, disapproving look, and possibly even tutting!! Help us look after our toys please. In other good news, we think we have agreed a deal to gain significantly more storage space at the club and shall be looking for volunteers to help clear, tidy, paint, build and otherwise get it ready for use over the coming weeks. More space = More toys! *If you know of a Matthew that needs re-bagging, please ask them to see a medical specialist - not me. I'm just an amateur.


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