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Christmas Raffle Sneak Peak Part 3

With only one more sleep to go until the Christmas Party lets see what other prizes are available to win! Representing various platforms in the club we have a selection wargaming minis and weathering paints...

From our D&D Community...

We have a selection of Mugs, Dice with a leather dice tray.


We have come to the end of the reveals and looking forward to see you all tomorrow evening getting into the holiday spirit! The committe thanks all the volunteers that provided us all with these wonderful prizes this year, it's been a massive help. I won't name who they are on this blog but I'll make sure to give you all a shout out in person tomorrow evening. Make sure that you grab yourself a Christmas meal ticket which are still up for grabs but selling FAST!

To make your purchase and secure your hot meal, make sure to see a committe member. Chirstmas meal tickets cost £5

Raffle tickets are also still available for £1 and will be sold on the evening too... With all that said....We hope you have a good time, Happy Holidays!


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