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Christmas Meal Poll Has Ended!!

The time has come for me to finially reveal which two hot meals you guys have decided for our Christmas Party on the 7th of December 2023! It's been a mighty battle with some closer calls as the weeks gone on however the two most popular dishes where....*dum roll please*

BBQ Pulled Pork

- Mac & Cheese

- Coleslaw

- Bread Rolls

Indian Chicken Curry With Rice

- Poppadoms

- Samosas

- Onion Bhaji

As mentioned in my last post this will be accompanied with a usually spread that you all know an enjoy...details of this spread will be confirmed later next week so keep you eye open on the website. I haven't forgotten about our meat-free guys will be getting your own Curry and will have vegetarian option available in the spread, I'll also ensure the expected bits are vegetarian too! Christmas Meal Tickets are available to purchase for £5 and will be available to purchase on the day of the party as well. The cafe will be optional however the kitchen will be closed...


Any further questions regarding the Christmas meal please feel free to contact Sean Warner with any feedback, complaints etc...I'll always make time for you guys!


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