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2023 Christmas Winners

Our Christmas Do saw us crown a handful of new champions, something we hope to do more of in coming years and create a Christmas tradition.

Warhammer 40,000

First Up, our inaugural Warhammer 40k Escalation league organised by Ben Lane and Josh Townley. The league was won, undefeated, by the mighty Andy Furey, mostly by a strategy of not losing. Andy is the first time winner of the Golden* Bolter, incredibly painted and channeling his inner John Blanche by the talented Josh Townley. We intend to make this an annual award passing from winner to winner down the years. Congratulations Andy.


The final of the first annual Dave Astbury Cup (a knockout competition in honour of a passed club member) was in full flow on the night of the Christmas Party and was concluded some time after the raffle finished. Congratulations to Dafydd Derrick who crushed Geoff Armstrong in the Final, mimicing the mighty Germans in a penalty shootout, with Geoff playing the role of over hyped lacklustre English footballers.

We shall be making a suitable trophy award next time you are at the club!

The annual Bloodbowl League organised by Tony Griffiths is due to complete in January 2024.


The first Oathmark campaign was won by (cough) Alan Phillipson. Mostly by the strategy of playing more often than anyone else. Crowned by our very own Grand Wizard Dave Mcclumpha, the Oathmark Crown shall be passed on annually in whatever Fantasy based games we continue to play.


Dave Mcclumpha was in turn the Winner of our first Frostgrave campaign. Employing a strategy of being a viscious and devious little sod throughout every game. Well played Sir. A mixture of logistics and last minute attendance problems means that we shall have to award your trophy in the near future. But I suspect you're much happier in the hat you picked yourself.

*Gold paint was in short supply and the deadline was looming!


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