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A mat to praise Nuffle on!

We are very happy to offer to all club members that enjoy 11 on 11 controlled violence, the opportunity to own and play on your very own Deeside Defenders custom Bloodbowl pitch.

The mat design is the product of great work between Tony Griffiths, our very own head coach, and Dave Musselwhite, club member and talented and generous graphic designer.

Thank you both!

Mats shall be available printed on robust vinyl and can be rolled up for storage. The club shall also purchase a number of mats to support new players, but also for Club run tournaments. Ask Tony to see, or play on, the shiny prototype!

Price to club members only £20!

You can buy yours anywhere you pay your club fees, just ask for a Club Bloodbowl mat, and we will happily take your grubby money from your hand or your shiny card from your wallet. Orders placed may take 4-6 weeks to be processed as we are initially placing a single bulk print order. These are Custom mats, so unless there is a material or printing defect, no money back, no guarantee, no income tax, no VAT etc.


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