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Club Membership Changes

As we have previously communicated the club has grown significantly with many new members and it is necessary to formalise our membership processes.

Starting from 25th April, we shall begin implementing a number of changes to our membership system.


Each club member shall be issued with a spangly membership card. This identifies you as a club member and entitles you to:

  • voting rights

  • access to the members only sections of the website,

  • Benefits that may from time-to-time be offered, including those by our Partners Battle Games and Models.

To be issued with your card, we shall collect and hold a small amount of information from you, strictly for the purposes of managing the club. This information will be securely held within the club and available only to committee members. A list of members names and membership card numbers only will be provided to our partners for identification purposes. 

The card shall be valid for a year and it records your name and membership date and has a unique ID number.

The information required is your:

  • real name (no nicknames)

  • email address

  • phone number

  • [Optionally] next of kin contact details in case of emergency

  • confirmation you are over 18

[Note that we are actively investigating options for 16-18 year old club attendees.]

The club reserves the right in future to add additional information that may from time-to-time be required for the purposes of running the club or complying with the law. 

This card is FREE OF CHARGE to members. The club reserves the option to review the cost of membership in future, in line with its constitution, and financial performance. The card, and a clear membership list, means that the club will be better able to offer member discounts or other payment options to its members in future. 


There will be a membership area on the website, where your membership information is available at any time. This may be personalised to include nicknames and favourite games.

We shall then use the website membership system as our default list of club members.

In future this member area may be expanded for member benefit, such as finding opponents, competition awards and other items.

On 6th June we shall then purge the website membership of all accounts that have not been issued a membership card. This will clear out old inherited data, remove inactive members and reduce our website overhead. 

From 6th June, our Partners Battle Games & Models shall only be offering benefits to those that produce their membership card in-store. New or returning members should contact a committee member to become a club member after their first paying visit.

Online applications to become a website member shall change to advise applicants that they need to present themselves at the club and be issued a membership card. 

How do I get a card?

Contact a committee member on any game night. They will record your data and ensure it matches with the information provided to the club website. We expect this to take a few minutes each, so please be patient as we work through the whole club over the next few weeks. 

Because we have had a significant number of new members, we shall also ensure that all members have been made aware of the club constitution, key policies and welcome pack when issuing the cards. 

If you have questions, please ask a committee member, or post on WhatsApp or discord. 

Thank you for your patience. 


  • We are issuing membership cards from 25th April

  • Get yours from a committee member

  • We will record your membership

  • FREE. Valid for a year

  • From 6th June 2024, you need a card to get benefits from the club and partners. 


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