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Welcome to 2024

Dear Club Members. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and Happy New Year. Well what a year we had in 2023. The best year yet since our move to the Daniel Owen Centre on the 6th of June 2021. 2023 was a mad packed year for us as the Committee and club. We had various tournaments, leagues, two one day gaming Gauntlette's and one two day Gauntlet Gaming weekend. We had a great Christmas Meal and a great Raffle for some amazing prizes. We couldn't have done it all with your help and support as attendees. You are the driving force in more ways and than one for the club and so as we enter 2024 and the year ahead, we are looking towards what events, tournaments and leagues to be run and who will be over seeing which, be it committee or players. We ended the 2023 in a very good financial position. This has allowed us to order some more 40k terrain for the club league and for use in future tournaments as interest in 40k continues to grow and we have improved our reserve once more and still have some cash over.. and that is all down to you folks. So we will be planning stuff for the year ahead over Jan, and planning the next formal update. Future purchases of terrain for systems, boardgames etc. Gaming days, painting competitions, leagues and tournaments galore.. as we know several of you have requests and wish to help out. So bring your ideas forth. Thus from Me as Chairman, Thank you! The club really wouldn't exist without you! See all soon. And a big thanks from Alan and Sean as Secretary and Treasurer too. Gaming returns on the Wednesday 10th for our weekly RPG Night and on Thursday 11th for our weekly Wargames and Boardgames. So welcome to 2024 and may it be a great one! John W :)


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