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Warhammer 40k League sign up

The sign up form for Season 2 is now live!

Can anyone take the Champions Bolter from Andy?

Round one begins on 22nd January 2024, the sign up form will close on Sunday 14th.

Season two comprises of pre arranged opponent pairings with the terrain layout and mission structure to be provided by the organising officers for every 3 week fixture cycle.

The league season consists of x2 1000 point games, x2 1500 point games and x2 2000 point games.

The league is an ideal oppotunity for people to try out their new Xmas army or jump back into Warhammer 40k with 10th editon in a friendly structured format.

Full rules will be sent out in due course once league player numbers are confirmed.

For anyone looking for an introduction game or refresher prior to the league start please contact us via the club discord or whatsapp group. Alternativly ask for Ben on a Thursday club night or email

"In the cold void of the 41st millennium, heed the call of battle." - Inquisitor Kryptman, Ordo Xenos


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