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The Nice List

In an idea shamelessly stolen from Santa, the club drew up a "nice list" and said thank you to a number of its members at the Christmas Party.

For getting involved and putting in effort above and beyond the call of duty, the club presented the following members with a pair of limited edition club dice and a voucher for 5 free nights entry to the club.

  • Adam Stoddart - for all of his graphics design work in getting our banners, branding and website graphics sorted.

  • Ben Lane and Josh Townley for getting the large 40k league up and running and our first all-day inter-club competition with those dragon-stealing miscreants at Wrexhammer.

  • Tony Griffiths - for his ongoing efforts in running the Bloodbowl league, organising tournaments that have brought in external competitors and getting the Club on to the national Bloodbowl calendar.

  • Paul Jones - for running the various Painting competitions at events during the year and bringing in a frankly ridiculous amount of gaming company donations as prizes.

The club also extends its thanks to:

  • Tristram Ashby - who way back in January invited us all to play games all day at his birthday party at the Daniel Owen Centre.

  • Dave Mcclumpha, Seb, Matt Torkington, for their work through the year in running various gaming leagues and campaigns for our enjoyment.

  • Byrom Barr and John Woolley for Game Mastering Role Playing Games almost every Wednesday this year to ensure our Wednseday's are a success.

  • Tom Morris and Paul Jones for their on going work in helping to turn the dingy little dungeon into a bright and shiny storage cupboard to keep our growing number of toys in.

Thank you everyone. We wouldn't be the club we are without you!


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