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That’s my shirt!

Personalised merchandise is now available in the club shop.

Members can personalise club merchandise by adding text, adding or moving club, graphics to almost all of our products.

Put your name on the back of a shirt. Add the gauntlet logo to a sleeve. Put your faction name on a mug. The options are almost limitless.

Simply select your base product in the shop, then click on the pencil/customise icon below the picture.

You will be able to move graphics, add club graphics. You can also add text, choose the font, size and colour.

Note that printing on additional areas will incur a further fee which is calculated automatically and clearly shown before check out.

Members that want to create a "team shirt" for attending tournaments and events, may want to agree on fonts, colours and sizes before ordering. This may make it worthwhile for a coordinating member to place a bulk order and personalise each shirt similarly in one order.

Any order placed is a contract between a member and the print company. The club has no liability if you personalise an existing design and you're not happy with the final result. Make sure you spell your name right ;-)


Remember the club has a zero tolerance policy on abuse this extends to what you have written on a club branded shirt. Don't be a dick!


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