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We have had an incident recently where some ex-members (not attended since 2019) have been attending gaming shows with superb demonstration games using the club name.

This caused a couple of minor issues; people at the show asking about the club and being told it no longer exists, and others asking the club for information on the game and us having no idea what's going on.

It's disingenuous to promote yourselves as members of a club you don't attend or contribute to, but you also miss out on the support the club would provide.

It is resolved now, but it got me to thinking ...

We have been slowly investing in materials that the club can use to promote itself; banners, tables, table dressings, signage etc. plus all the online information.

We should make these available as a 'kit' for any members to use to promote the club to the public, at gaming shows or conventions, or simply when you go up the road to trounce the neighbouring club. ;-)

The first use of this 'kit'will be at Wrexham Games Day on 23rd September

I'd be interested in hearing what else you think should be included, as well as anyone with particular interest in attending specific events. The club would be very interested in helping you.


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Unknown member
Sep 14, 2023

bit naughty

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