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Runequest comes to GAUNTlette

Our continued efforts to grow and promote the club, particularly to offer more to the Roleplayers amongst us, have attracted some new members to the club.

New member Andy Sutton, is interested in being Games Master and running a Runequest one shot entitled Bye-Tore And The Snow Dog at GAUNTlette in March.

Andy also participates in our new Wednesday Night RPG sessions. So if there is demand, I'm sure he will consider running games then too.

Runequest - set in Glorantha which is a bit like mythological bronze age Greece mixed with low magic fantasy and populated with Broo and Ducks where the gods are very real. Rich, detailed, varied and having stood the rest of time since 1978, Runequest is in many ways the grand-daddy of modern skill based d100 RPGs.

If you, or anyone you know, wants to join Andy playing Runequest at GAUNTlette on 26th March, then please pop into the RPG>Runequest channel on the discord server, or contact Andy directly at

No experience necessary.


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