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Old world, Campaign weekend

This weekend marked the Deeside Defender's first Warhammer old world (fantasy surely?) campaign event!

Two days, five games, 8 players & a lot of square bases, that's all it took to have some fantasy-based anarchy to decide the fate of a little-known city in the border princes, Akendorf.

Round 1: Border skirmish

The first round saw the forces of evil (2x skaven, chaos demons and Khemri) descend upon the lands of Akendorf from every quarter.

The defenders: the forces of good (Lizard men, High elves, dwarfs and Orcs??) react quickly to assemble their forces and blunt the spear tip of the invading forces.

Round 1 had a 500 pts limit, no war machines, no monsters, just core sword and board fighters! The forces of good managed to secure a devastating victory in round 1!

Round 2: Raid

Having stunted the advance of the evil forces, the defenders of Akendorf rally their troops to raid a series of positions along the logistical supply lines of the invaders.

The forces of evil prepared their defences and braced for a counterattack but unfortunately, they were unable to prevent the forces of good snatching another victory!

Round 3: Ambush!

Confident in victory, the forces of good overextended and the forces of evil were all too quick to punish them for their hubris.

Each general assembled forces of 1250 pts without any restrictions, however, the forces of good had to deploy their force in the centre of the table whilst the forces of evil could deploy along every available table edge.

Round 4: Final Battle

The final battle was to decide the result of the campaign & the fate of Akendorf itself!

Fighting took place across multiple tables with 2 sides, 8 players and two battlefields, both within and before the gates of Akendorf.

the left flank of the forces of good crumbled before the unstoppable onslaught of the Skaven and Khemri, meanwhile, within the city walls, both sides were left battered and bloody by the brutal grind.

The result

After two days of epic battles, great fun and lots of dead rats, the forces of good managed to secure victory by the narrowest of margins!

The streets of Akendorf remain safe for now, but who knows what the future holds!

All the players involved had a great time and we look forward to running similar events in the future! so if you would like to take part, please reach out to your the Deeside defenders old-world community through Discord, WhatsApp or in the comments below!


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