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Meet your Candidate

standing for election as Secretary at the Club EGM, candidates have been asked to provide a few words to put their case to the membership.

Matthew Bellis, in his own words ...

Hi I'm Matt I'm a level 33 warlock from the integrated Welsh mountains a size 9 shoe and 36/38 inch waist and I ride a motorcycle.

I'm interested in putting my name forward for club secretary as I have been yhe secretary for a motorcycle club and I'm the current secretary for medieval combat wales.

I have a few good ideas for the club and I understand the tasks going forward and I am willing to tackle them head on. Being in the club has made me realise how valuable it has become to me and my partner as we both play games on a regular basis now and I want to do my bit to put back into the club, I feel my experiences in life and my career will help me achieve this.

I try to be lighthearted and approachable any questions please ask :)


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