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Lies, damned lies and statistics

Updated: Feb 23

You will have noticed that the club has been steadily growing over the last few months. This week, no doubt drawn by the heightened political tensions of the EGM, we topped 70 attendees for the first time! "How do we know this?" you may ask. Well thanks to Sean "Master of Coin" Warner, every fee we take each night, even if you're there for free, goes through our accounting software "Square". That allows us not only to spit out our accounts in a fashion verging on professional every month, but we also know our attendance numbers accurately. Add into this that Pete "The Hero" Morton, has volunteered to help by interrupting your games every night and asking what you're playing. This means we are also building a better picture of game popularity that will guide our investment decisions.

We used to share attendance numbers with everyone at the quarterly updates and will continue to do so, but they are also now available here... "Where?" I hear you cry...

Space, the final frontier...

It is wonderful that the club has grown and remains a popular place. A number of comments have been made about space limits. At some point we may be too big for our current arrangements, and we remain open to whatever that might mean in the future: different layouts, more nights etc.

In the meantime I'd like to ask people to be flexible in your set ups. Some of us get there early some are only able to join later, but the club is open to all of us. Don't be a German with a beach towel! Please be reasonable if someone needs to set up a game near you. Shuffle up. If you're in a typical 2 player game, across a board, you can move up touching the next game to make space and get closer to new and interesting people. On a positive note, thank you to everyone for keeping the new cupboard tidy and looking after our toys... though some instruction on how to use Velcro may be in order!


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