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Hump Day Growth!

No, not a reason for calling the doctor ... or celebrating.

In response to growing attendance at the club we have arranged to hire more space in the Daniel Owen Centre on Wednesdays.

From 28th February onwards we shall be hiring the upper floor of the building - rooms 1, 2 and 4.

We are opening up Wednesdays in order to reduce the crowding on Thursdays and accomodate more RPGs on Wednesdays. If you wish to wargame on a Wednesday then please contact Josh Townley or Ben Lanes prior to attending as space is limited. If successful we may look at other options to increase space and the potential to play more than once a week.

Wednesdays have been our dedicated RPG nights for a year, and we are also seeing a growth in the number of those wanting to role play. The cafe and Room 1 shall be strictly reserved for those in RPGs. Rooms 2 and 4 shall be available for wargames.

We shall also be opening earlier at 6pm rather than 7 on Wednesdays. Our role players may choose to begin earlier at 6, or stay with their existing 7 o'clock start.

Fees shall be our usual £2 per person per night.

On Wednesdays we do not have a hot food cafe service but hot and cold drinks and snacks are available from the cafe using the provided honesty box. Also, we are not the only tenants in the building on Wednesdays.

Please bear with us over the coming weeks as there are a number of changes ongoing to try and improve things for you, the members of Wales's Premier (Dragonless) Gaming Club.


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