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Club member Tristan Ashby celebrates his Birthday on 8th January 2023 (well technically every year, but the next one is 2023).

As a birthday present his family are hiring the Daniel Owen Centre all day on Sunday 8th January 2023, 10am to 10pm, so that he can play games all day with us, his friends, at the club. Tristan’s family will be providing catering on the day.

This very generous offer means completely  FREE GAMING, all day, for Club members and guests. (For those unaware of how time works, that’s a whole TWELVE HOURS of gaming!)

Tristan is keen to see as many of you playing as many and as varied games on the day as possible. So you have yet another opportunity to run that thing you’ve never got round to! Wargames, board games and roleplaying games all welcome. Get your thinking caps on.

The club shall run this like a Gauntlette event, with table bookings and promotion of games in advance, with one critical difference: You won’t have a committee member harassing you for money!

A club website page for bookings will be made available immediately after Gauntlet on October 23rd.

All fun ideas and suggestions welcome!


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