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Game of the Week ... II

You can't keep a good idea down! Due to popular demand* Game of the Week shall rise from the grave like a revenant determined to avenge its early demise and stalk the halls of Deeside Defenders once more.

The idea remains the same. Volunteer members run games they like, advertise them on the webpage and other members who don't have a game, want to try something new, or are just plain lonely and want new people to talk to come along and play. Volunteers provide everything necessary to play the game and teach the rules.

To get the ball rolling again, one of our many Matthews (Mr Torkington, to us mere mortals) shall be running an open Game of Bolt Action on 14th September for your delectation. All Members are welcome to book on the Game of the Week page. * One member noticed.


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Unknown member
Sep 01, 2023

Great idea!

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