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Club Survey results!

Are you a nerd? Do you like numbers and knowing things? If not, you're probably in the wrong place.

Last month, we asked our members to participate in a club survey. Since then, we have received 66 unique responses, representing the lion's share of our regular members.

In this article, we will share and present the results of our club survey as recieved. We hope the information below inspires you to run events, understand people's wants, and generate more fun. So, let's get into it.

Where are we all from?

Unsurprisingly, most of our members are from Flintshire, but a significant minority of members are from outside the county, particularly Cheshire and Denbighshire.


Almost 50% of our members are experienced (20 years or more) in all things dice-related. Whilst a significant minority are, in fact, new (less than 10 years experience). this is great for us to know and should hopefully encourage our members to share their experience and try and introduce themselves and their games to as many members as possible.

What would you like from the club?

Most of our respondents wanted to see more weekend events run by Deeside defenders; the most common request after this was more terrain, painting and terrain-building events and some intro events (perhaps reflecting the needs of a less experienced membership).

It is worth mentioning now that any of our members can organise a weekend event if they think they can get enough people interested. Reach out to the committee if you have an idea for a great weekend event!

Weekday and weekend events

Speaking of events... here is what people would like the opportunity to do during the week and weekend should anybody wish to step up[ and run something :).

What are people playing?

The diversity of games played is staggering and a true reflection of how open, curious, and friendly the club has become. The graph below shows the various games/systems our members have played in the past 12 months alone! Admittedly, there is an underrepresentation of the RPG community. However, these stats can only reflect the opinion of those who answered.

Most played?

The majority of our current membership plays a wide variety of games. However, the most popular are Warhammer 40k, Bolt Action, Blood Bowl, and Necromunda. If you consider all the RPG games as a single entity, they are, in fact, the second most played system at the club, perhaps reflecting the Wednesday and Monday evening attendance.

Value for money?

We are pleased to see the overwhelming majority of our members consider the club to be good value for money. we are pleased to see that despite inflationary pressures, our support for games systems such as trophies, gaming mats and terrain, our club finances are in a healthy position, and there is, therefore, no need to change the current weekly fee for the foreseeable future.

How often do you attend

Most members only attend once a week, whether Wednesday or Thursday, with the latter being the most popular. The second most p

Best Day to attend

Finally, we wanted to know if our current opening arrangements reflected what our members actually wanted. We are pleased to see that our original opening day (Thursday) is, in fact, the best day for the majority of our members, while Wednesday (or the second most popular day) is also workable for a significant minority of our members. As it stands, Sunday, Monday, Friday, and Saturday are not suitable for hiring the entire venue. However, we are experimenting with Monday opening to support minor RPG evenings.

Final words

This concludes the survey results. Remember that you can access live attendance statistics and more on this website under the 'Statistics' header.

We received lots of great comments and suggestions in future surveys, but I will leave you with the wise words of one member.

"Ask not what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club."


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