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Club Officers

We have asked a number of club members to help the committee communicate, manage the club and spend club funds.

As our club has grown it has become harder to communicate with and coordinate all of our activities - especially as we are now spread across 3 nights and so many different game systems. We have communicated before that we wanted to delegate a number of decisions and activities and have greater involvement and engagement from you our members.

We have now asked 8 (volunteer) members to step up and be Club Officers.

  • Bloodbowl - Tony Griffiths

  • Board Games - Colin Mee

  • Fantasy Games - Dave McClumpha

  • Necromunda - Seb jones

  • Roleplaying Games - Byrom Barr

  • Warhammer 40k - Ben Lane

  • Warhammer Old World - Alex Sodec

  • World War 2 and Modern - Matt Torkington

The role the officers have been asked to fill.

Club Officers
Download PDF • 48KB

We have also asked the following people to assist in particular areas as Officers

  • Paul Jones - Painting Competitions

  • Adam Studdart - Graphics and Branding

I am also actively seeking a way to delegate areas of the website, and hope to have others engaged as webmasters. If interested, let me know.

Committee changes, and the list of officers are now on the website.

The committee will always be available for members questions and concerns etc. But now you also have a group of people to raise issues and help organise.

On a personal note, I recognise that there has been an avalanche of changes and announcements over the last couple of weeks. I believe this is the last of the changes that Josh and I promised during the election process. We know that most of you come to the club to play games, and as long as there is a warm space to play, the inner workings of the club are of little interest. That is completely fine. That is what the club is for. But having 100+ members, with 80 people meeting to play last week alone, we need some structure and organisation before the committee and I in particular drown.


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