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Club Merch - up to 25% off!

The club shop will be running a number of Promo's between now and GAUNTLET. We now have 73 branded items from t-shirts and hoodies to dice bags and hats. The company we use to produce and ship the merch offers a number of promotions. We can choose WHEN to run these promotions, but not the discount amount, or the duration. We can't stack the benefits either (ie 20% off AND free shipping).



20th May - 23rd May

​15% off everything

1st June - 5th June

20% off everything

6th June - 10th June

Free shipping

11th June ONLY

25% off everything

28th June - 2nd July

15% off everything

We have tried to get the promotions in early so those that have said they want something for GAUNTLET can do so, and the largest discount is available on a weekend when we hope more people will have the opportunity to get their goods. We shall post again when promotions for July/August are known.


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