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Club Changes.

Updated: Jan 27

Last night the committee held the first Quarterly update of 2024. Details, along with the 2023 accounts were presented to the members, and may now be found in the files section of the club website.


John Woolley announced that he is stepping down as Chairman. Sean and Alan would like to thank John for his efforts with the club. Especially for keeping us in existence during our move from Airbus and throughout Covid. Without John there would be no Deeside Defenders.

Thank you John!

We are calling an Extraordinary General meeting on the 8th February to elect a new Chair.

Of the existing committee, Alan Phillipson has chosen to stand for election to the post of Chairman. If successful, this would mean that the post of Secretary then becomes vacant.

The post of Treasurer remains unchanged. Re-election to this post shall be handled in the normal way at the Annual General Meeting on 4th April.

Nominations are open to all members of the club to stand. Please contact Sean (Treasurer) to express your interest in standing for election to either Chairman or Secretary by 1st February.

Club Officers

Last night the committee also outlined its plan to work closer with club members by appointing club officers to represent specific genres, game systems or activities of the club. The officers would form an extended group that would represent the interests of the club, guide club strategy and investment, run events, and engage with the members and the committee.

The committee will outline the role in more detail in due course and approach suitable candidates, but any member wishing to volunteer should contact a committee member.

Membership System

We shall also be updating the membership system to allow better management of the club membership list, and aid our partners, Battle Games, to better identify club members. This work is almost complete, but necessitates a further small change to the club constitution. Changes to the club constitution require a vote of the existing club members.

It is proposed that the the sentence:

“Membership is conferred after participation in six organised sessions within 12 months.” 

Is replaced by:

“Membership is conferred after the first paying attendance at the club, and lasts for 12 months. Renewal shall be for cycles of a further 12 months thereafter.” 

This change removes the necessity to track attendances for six sessions, simplifies record keeping and is much clearer to members. If accepted the committee intends to introduce a physical membership card, with a members name and date of membership. In the first year this will be provided free of charge.

Copies of the existing club constitution (2.0) and the proposed change (2.1) are available to all existing members on the club website file section.

Extraordinary General Meeting

Thursday game night, 8th February 2024.


  1. Election of Chairman.

  2. Election of Secretary.

  3. Vote on the minor change to the constitution.

Anyone unable to attend on the night, including club members that only attend on Wednesdays, may vote by making their views known to Sean (Treasurer) by Wednesday 7th February


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