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AGM Results.

Last night, 28 members attended the club AGM.

Thank You. Highlights:

  • Sean Warner is re-elected treasurer AKA "Master of Coin" - congratulations Sean.

  • Thank you to the club officers for managing club investment, taking our spend in the last four months to almost £1200

    • £360 40k terrain (purchased January)

    • £390 of new gaming mats (arriving next week)

    • £300 of further 40k terrain to support internal and external tournaments

    • £115 of funding remaining to be agreed by officers.

  • Membership system launching in late April.

In other news:

  • May 2nd - The Daniel Owen Centre is a Polling Station for a local election. We shall not have access to the ground floor of the building. We shall decide whether to close or limit gaming choices in the next week or so.

  • May 4th - Star Wars Tabletop gaming day - come along and play anything star wars related.

  • The Gauntlet Painting competition is gathering interest, with 34 entries purchased for the Painters Challenge. Further entries can be bought from any committee member or Pete Morton any game night.


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