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2nd May Restrictions

The Daniel Owen Centre is an Electoral Polling Station. On Thursday, 2nd May 2024, there is an election for Police Commissioner. As a result our club will not have access to any of our usual rooms on the ground floor.

We have chosen to remain open, but we are limited to rooms 1, 2 and 4 only. We are able to access the toilets, but there is no access to the main hall or the cafe. There will be no cafe food service and no access to refreshments.

We shall be operating a booking system on the website for members wishing to play games on this date. Booking system will go live with another notice next week. We shall have space for about 22 tables-worth of games, which is about 1/2 of our normal space.

Members must book to be able to play.

  • Max 2 tables* per booking.

  • First come, first served.

  • If your opponent has booked, you do not need to.

(* a table is a rectangular piece of furniture with a horizontal top with a leg in each corner, in our case measuring roughly 6’x2.5’, typically a 6’x4’ wargame takes 2 tables).

We have tried to avoid operating a booking system for normal game nights, as we feel it may change the open and inclusive feel of the club and disadvantage those with uncertain schedules (shifts, family commitments etc). But in this instance we have little choice other than to close for the night. If we continue to grow and can’t spread our activities over more than one night, then ultimately we may need to reconsider. If this booking system proves successful, then we may consider using it for wargames bookings on Wednesday nights.


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