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Traveller 5.10

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Mick Ahern

Active - Spaces

1 January 2023

Occasional Wednesdays

Traveller is the oldest sci-fi roleplaying game and still going strong over 40 years and multiple versions later

You wake up naked without a memory. Even your name eludes you. Bugs, giant man eating bugs everywhere. Run. Can you survive long enough to find out who put you here and reclaim your place in the hierarchy of galactic society? Probably not.... but give it a try anyway.

So began this intriguing campaign. Evolving into planetary surveys, ship theft, paranoia, a shady biochemical laboratory and did i mention paranoia? This game runs only occasionally. Usually when other GMs are unavailable as a stop gap to entertain players between other games. Fancy trying your hand at old school sci-fi? then keep an eye on the discord channel for when this next runs.

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