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D&D 5e

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Chris Hollinshead


Every Wednesday

From the mind of Christopher Hollinshead comes the Homebrew world of Errethis. A D&D 5e campaign where magic is banned.

The Republic of Errethis, once dubbed the "Crown Jewel of The Known Lands" was a hub for trade, innovation, magical experimentation and enlightenment...but that was a long time ago and the Jewel has long since lost its lustre. What lies in the far eastern reaches of the known world today is a land in constant tension and at any moment, things seem ready to snap. What was once a land called a crown Jewel that all travellers sought opportunity for, is now a place that comes with a warning. "Keep The Mages Away From Errethis.

This is a warning that should not be taken lightly, for Errethis first began cultivating the reputation it has today after the result of a civil war. A war which saw religion and magic as the combatants on the field, it was a war which magic users lost and since then, they have been paying the price for it. Their practices heavily restricted and monitored, their very presence in the Republic met with scrutiny, bigotry and oppression. It is a life that many have fled from, but sadly many more have been forced to endure, because they have nowhere else to go. But things are not permanent. Bad times do not last and as long as there are magic users with memory of how things used to be. Then that hope for a brighter future will carry them forward.

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