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Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu 2nd Edition

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Byrom Barr

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5 June 2024

Every Wednesday

Classic mind bending tentacled horror

Investigators face a life of danger because they are essentially pursuing forbidden knowledge while at the same time trying to use that knowledge to defeat those who are either exploiting that forbidden lore or are insane to the point of wanting to summon alien demon like creatures from beyond time and space and in some cases are willing to sacrifice their lives to honour these creatures.

In the game you must work together to solve mysteries, avoid grisly death, and win the day, using the resources and contacts your investigator has available. Sometimes luck is on your side, but in the end, it's your choices that determine the fate of your investigator.

This campaign is a world spanning adventure of epic proportions

Are you insane enough to attempt this rollercoaster of terror?

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