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When is a Gauntlet not a Gauntlet?

When it’s only one day long!

As previously announced we are looking to run Gauntlet 3 times a year.

Traditionally Gauntlet has been a 2 day event in July. we are hopeful of making July Gauntlet a 2 day event from 2023 onwards.

Our two other events in Oct and March will be mini one-day gauntlets. Which we are going to call “Gauntlette.”

Our first Gauntlette is less than 50 days away. The Bloodbowl tournament has 21 confirmed players out of a capacity of 24.

Contact Tony if you want one of the remaining 3 places.

But there have only been 2 bookings for other games; a 6 person bolt action game and a 12 person Horus Heresy Tournament. Thanks to Matt Torkington and Seb Jones.

Please register your interest on running a game at gauntlet and booking your table space here.

This is also our opportunity to describe our games in detail to help promote and advertise Gauntlet to non-club members.

As always, suggestions, a d comment welcome.


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