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Warhammer 40k League - Season 1

To mark the launch of the new edition of 40k a new club league will begin W/C 7th August.

The first season will run until the end of November.

2000k point Leviathan mission rules apply for each game. Opponent pairings, terrain layout and mission structure to be provided via club Discord for every 3 week fixture cycle.

In order to complete the season you are required to play 6 league games during this period, roughly 1 every 3 weeks. Full rules and requirements provided on sign up, this league it suitable for new players, those looking to get back into 40k for the new edition as well as the veterans among us.

Check out the launch video below and use the sign up form to register your interest.

(video credit: Joshua Townley)


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Unknown member
Jul 14, 2023

Excellent work. The video is particularly good

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