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Theorycraft Kickstarter Offer

We have been contacted by Theorycraft, offering club members additional rewards on their current Table Top Role Playing Kickstarter.

Full email below :


Hi there – A few years ago (pre-pandemic), I was introduced to tabletop role-playing games at a games club very much like yours.


Fast forward to today and I have a small number of TTRPG titles out there in the market. Two weeks back I launched my latest title and it got me thinking… How about offering a ‘UK TTRPG Club Deal’ for my latest Kickstarter?


I’m thinking a free copy of the ‘Riddle Register: The Ultimate Book of Riddles’ (digital, paper or hardback - dependent on the backed reward level) for anyone who chooses to back my latest book on Kickstarter ‘Locked Lairs: And The Puzzles That Keep Them!’.


Product details:


If this offer is of interest, then I’d appreciate it if you could drop me an email to confirm you’ve shared it with your club members. I can then identify any backers that specify your club in their ‘Backer Survey’ and add the additional rewards during the Kickstarters fulfilment stage.




If you back the Kickstarter, mention the club for more freebies!


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