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The Silver Bayonet Campaign

Alan Phillipson is organising a campaign for those wishing to play The Silver Bayonet.

The Silver Bayonet is best described as ...

"Buffy meets Sharpe"

Playable with as few as 8 figures, it's small-scale skirmish gaming in the Napoleonic era where nations race to discover the secrets of the supernatural in a hope to turn occult forces to their own ends, all while ghouls and ghosts and zombies and extravagant side burns try to hunt you down in turn.

The campaign is casual play, with no commitments to a schedule of games. It will be managed extensively on the website -

If you are interested in playing then please contact Alan Phillipson. No previous experience necessary, we have several players who will be happy to teach the rules, and probably lend figures to get people started. I hope to have a trophy for the campaign, awarded at Christmas. Also, if you are interested in using the capabilities of the website to promote, and help manage your own games and campaign, then talk to Alan.


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