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The End Game - Escalation League Round 6

The end of the escalation league is nigh and it’s all to play for as we head into the sixth and final round. Your names have been drawn, the missions selected and Ben never spun the holy bingo ball the wrong way once… much to our disappointment…

The final day to complete your game is the 6th of December. You will find the fixtures, mission + special rules and deployment details below.

The final results of the league will be celebrated on the 7th of December at the Deeside Defenders Christmas party.

Those of you who have the latest cogitator updates installed might have noticed this means we will have slightly less time to find and complete a game than the usual 3-week cycle, so please try your best to complete your game in the next two weeks if you want your results to be recorded, otherwise, an automatic 50-0 loss will be applied to your score sheet as per our usual protocol.

Details for season 2 of the escalation league will be posted on the Deeside Defenders website in due course. I can’t tell you exactly when the new league will begin (The eye of Ben is ever watchful) but I will say that you might want to have 1000 pts ready for the final weeks of January… just saying.

May the blessings of whatever god you pray to be with you, go smash face.


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