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Ho Ho Ho, and all that jazz.

It's now November. So even the most curmudgeonly of you can't complain it's too early to talk about this!

Our Christmas do is 5 weeks away on 7th December.

As has become traditional, we shall be serving a large Christmas buffet, partially subsidised by the club.

We have maintained the ticket price at £5, purchasable from the committee any game night.

There shall also be an enormous raffle. Last year we topped over £300 of tickets and prizes and we aim for the same or more this year. We aim to break even on the raffle, not to make money. Tickets are £1 and are on sale any game night!

Christmas is traditionally our best attended night of the year when normal gaming takes a pause, and silly, games get a run out. But really it's a time to chat and have fun with others that don't make it down so often but do turn out for Xmas.

In addition to our usual events there will be some prizes to award for a number of tournaments that conclude before Christmas.

(Blood bowl, frostgrave, Oathmark, Silver bayonet)

Plus the committee has a number of awards to make to "special" members. {Special with a capital SPESH}.


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