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Give it the needle.

The club shop carries a number of T-shirts, hoodies and other things with the club logo. All of these items are screen printed, and there have been quite a few requests for the logo to be embroidered.

So, we have struck a deal with The Craft Shack, on Kings Road, Mold. They have our logo and have digitised it so that their CNC embroidery machine can put it on ANY ITEM OF CLOTHING YOU WISH*

The logo is 100mm x 50mm. If you ask nicely they will also be able to add your name or other text** to the same garment.

So, simply wander 220 metres from the Daniel Owen Centre and ask the helpful Emma to emblazon your tweed jacket and plus fours with the sign of true taste. (None of the gaudy green and black, polyester, fire-risk and static-attracting t-shirts of some other local, dragon stealing club that shall remain nameless).

You will need your Membership Card to prove you are a member. Any commercial arrangement is between you and the craft shack. The club has paid to have the logo set-up, but does not take any income from anything the craft shack sells.

If demand is reasonable, then we shall consider having the gauntlet logo digitised too.

Contact the Craft Shack for further info on prices, availability, lead times etc.

📞 01352 217373 📞 01850 945192

* Anything except hats for some reason - I don't know why, something to do with needing another attachment on the machine... Though I suspect they wont be too thrilled about mankinis, used under-crackers or that WWII Nazi uniform you still have in your closet from that ill-advised fancy-dress party during fresher's week. ** Club rules on reasonable behaviour extend here. No vulgarity, obscenity or derogatory comments to be associated with the club please. Though, "Wales' Premier Gaming Club" is clearly a factual statement and is encouraged.


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