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GAUNTlette ... Here we go again!

Our next ONE day gaming event GAUNTlette shall be held on...

Sunday 22nd October 2023

Game organisers - you know the drill. Book your tables, gather your players, polish your dice. Tickets to come and play at the event will be available from Thursday 27th July priced at £5 until 6th October and £7 thereafter or on the day. As always, visitors welcome for free, but we ask for payment if they play. Likewise please buy a ticket if you wish to enter the painting competition. A few reminders:

  • A TABLE is a flat surface with legs suitable for playing on. It measures 6' x 2'6". Please make sure your bookings are in physical tables, not the number of terrain boards you're using.

  • Give us your best understanding of the number of players you will have. We understand that being exact is difficult, but the more accurate the number (including telling us of any changes between now and the event), means we can admit more people.

  • Game organisers - chat to the committee, we are able to provide gold/silver/bronze dice as prizes if your event is competitive. And we may be able to help in other ways.


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