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Gamers in Need.

Bored because you found yourself stuck at home on a Thursday night wondering why Top of the Pops* is no longer on TV just because your opponent has had to cancel your game?

Frustrated because you drove twelve parsecs** to the club only to find out you left all your miniatures at home?

Angry because you spent Wednesdays spamming the club WhatsApp (getting swamped in memes***) trying to find a game because your idiot boss changed your work shift on Thursday night?

Well at Deeside Defenders we care about your mental health (and, lets be honest here, your £2 admission fee). So we are introducing the all new ...

Starting in November (after we get Gauntlette out of the way, and a chance to plan), every game night at the club there will be an official 'Game of the Week'. This will be a game set up in the main hall right by the dreaded payment table. Run by club members, and AVAILABLE FOR ANYONE TO JOIN IN, no questions asked, no booking required.

The Brainchild of your very own Tony "Bloodbowl is Life" Griffiths, the intention here is to enable ANYONE who ...

  • Finds themselves without an opponent.

  • Fancies trying something different.

  • Wants to meet new and interesting people.

... to come along and play.

Any member will be eligible to take part in a 'Game of the Week' no booking or planning necessary. Just turn up and play.

Any member will be eligible to set up a game, whether it's Board Games, Roleplaying Game or War Game. The only stipulations being you must

  • provide all of the rules, dice and figures to play the whole game

  • be prepared to teach newcomers to the game

  • choose a game that will accommodate several players

  • be able to play between 7pm and 10pm

Ideally it make sense for a pair of members to plan to run a Game of the Week, so that if no fellow members are 'stuck' then you still get to play, but with the warm self congratulatory glow that you're a good human being and you tried.

This is a great way for you to showcase that game you love to new players, and help fellow members who otherwise would not attend the club that week. Its also a great way to get to know some of those weirdo's (other members) that usually play in a different room.

We shall work out the practicalities of putting a schedule on the website so members can 'book' the games they want to put on and promote it to other players.

In the meantime think about how you might help others in the need!

* Age inappropriate cultural reference.

** Parsec is a distance not a time interval.

*** This happens.


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