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For the honour of Deeside!

On the 6th and 7th of January. Deeside Defenders have been invited to attend the Warhammer 40k Welsh open in Cardiff (boo South Wales).

We need to assemble a 5 man team to represent the club. This would be an exciting opportunity to get noticed by the World Team Championship (WTC) Wales team and represent our club [Wales' Premier Gaming Club].

I would suggest that the top 5 finish from the club W40k League be the final members of our squad. I understand it is both an investment in time and money at a difficult time of year for many, so I would like to know in advance if this is of interest in attending.

It may be the case that somebody who is in the top five will not be able to make it, so there is some flexibility. in the mean time, its time to take the league seriously (who wasn't taking it seriously!? - Zippy) if you want to get on the squad.

Good luck gentlemen.

Posted on behalf of Josh "Dragon-Loser" Townley. (I wouldn't have called you gentlemen - Alan).

Lodge your interest with Josh directly.


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