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Community Outreach - Bolt Action Style

Paul B and I back in September went down to Cardiff to take part in the Welsh Open 2023. During this time we met lots of influential people in the Bolt Action scene, shamelessly and liberally gifting them Deeside Defenders dice and generally promoting the club and making sure our name is known and encouraging a few more historical wargamers to come along. Since then I've had calls about potential new members from the South Wales Warlords and hits on the website - funnelled through to Alan from other prospective members from as far afield as Chirk and Anglesey and they're out of county!

In this spirit I've reached out to a few of the Podcast makers and we've finally got a hit. Talking about the club and our league for Bolt Action. It's a fairly short mention but it is something worth putting out there. Now I know nothing about the Games Workshop community other than watching the occasion "X" - formerly Twitter - pile on about whether there should be female space marines or not - there should be by the way and I'll die on this hill! But in terms of promoting the club there has to be podcast communities out there where we can get our name better known and encourage more members. Especially, as we are North Wales' PREMIER gaming club.

For those that are interested here is the link to Tabletop Tommies whom have graciously mentioned us

Keep gaming and have fun.



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