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Club launches “Painting for Beginners” course.

Huge thanks to Tom and Paul for their help today in transforming our new storage space from a dull unloved cupboard to a (as the media lovies say) "vibrant inviting storage facility."

We've also had new lighting installed which means you can see that wonderful paint job you did on the terrain at 2 am in the morning after five pints, in a rush to be finished by Gauntlet in the morning.

Finally work progresses in installing the blue crates on lift-off cleats on the wall, already emptying two of our existing lockers.

Further work is to be done reinstalling shelving for some of our bigger items, and longer term storage, plus a Matt-rack*

It will take a couple of weeks of more volunteer effort to complete. In the meantime terrain in blue crates will now be available in the new cupboard in room 4. Key with each of the committee members.

We shall be looking for further volunteers in the new year to help with an annual stock take to organise, retire, repair and generally sort out our growing range of materials. More details to follow.

*We have decided we have far too many Matthews in the club and they need to be corralled and stacked in a cool dark place to avoid them infecting the non-Matt's.


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