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A Grand Day Out.

Today, several valiant members of the club, bravely faced a tsunami of push chairs as we attended Wrexham Games Day.

A huge thanks from the club to Aidan, Dave, John, Mark and Sam for their efforts throughout the day. Plus Tom, Mick and Nathan who joined us to help out later on. All of our members remained enthusiastic and engaged with the public all day.

We ran a big 10x6 napoleonic game with 800 figures as well as participation games of Frostgrave and Silver Bayonet.

We spoke to members of the public through the day (many of whom didn't object) and some of whom were thoroughly fascinated. Several mums stopped and chatted as their children rolled dice. We found several potential new members and made some great contacts with the WGD staff and interestingly with Wrexham University (potentially more on this soon).

Our friends at Battle Games & Models came with us and seemed to do reasonable business.

We must have been on best behaviour as we have been invited back in six months! We'll be there, bigger and better!

This was our most recent foray into the public space and I think we all agreed we should do this again, we've learned a few things about logistics, and the curry and milkshakes were awesome.

We shall be asking for volunteers to show off more and different games. You have been warned.

Thank you to our hosts Wrexham Games Day and to the venue Ty Pawb.


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