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40K League Launch! Round 1

The Warhammer 40k League: Season 2 draw took place live today. You can watch the draw video on the link below where we discuss season 1 league results and takeaways, How Season 2 will play out, the Ashes tournament between Wrexhammer and Deeside defenders and perhaps most importantly, the mission and fixtures for round one!

The Fixtures

The fixtures (below) see 28 generals pitted against each other in the first of six rounds. each general has pre-submitted a 1000 pts army list before being randomly drawn into the first game of the season

you will have until the 18th of February to play your first season game, after which we will do another draw pitting winners vs winners and losers vs losers for the last of the 1000 pts game.

The winners will have to keep the list they submitted from round one, while the losers will have the opportunity to resubmit a list.

All player lists can be found here:

The Mission

The mission will be: Purge the foe ( control 1, control more + kill 1, kill more) with Hidden supplies (extra objective in the centre of the battlefield) on the Sweeping engagement map (see below).

We have two maps, the top one is WTC and the bottom one is ITC (deployment zones are incorrect on the map and they should in fact be the sweeping engagement deployment, the terrain will remain the same).

You may determine which map you wish to play on the night!

What are we playing for?

The league format gives us a great opportunity to play individuals we might never normally play, spreading experience and joy (?) in equal measure.

All scoring will be WTC (20/0) where every 5-point differential is a single point. this is in preparation to train everybody for the next NWTC (North Wales Team Championship) in July and gain the opportunity to win Ash back!

The winner of the league will gain Get the Mighty Deeside defenders Bolter to take home with them and a smaller trophy to keep.

the top 8 players will automatically be selected for the NWTC team.

The bottom 20 will then play a tournament to decide the top 4 players who will make the cut to join the final 12 for the NWTC!

This means nearly half of the players will have something to play for!

Final Words

I want to take this opportunity to thank Ben for all the hard work and remind everyone that sportsmanly conduct is mandatory!

So go out there, learn, play and have fun. see you on the battlefield ;)



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