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40k League and League cup results

Congratulations to Joshua Townley, our new champion who confirmed his League Season 2 victory last week

A six game unbeaten run leading him to the league title, only dropping an astonishing 7 points all season. The expanded league season 2 has seen 168 40k games take place between February and May, thank you all for your contributions and commitment to completing the league fixtures.

This season, the top 8 qualified for a place in the Deeside team to take on Wrexhammer on the 27th July, where we aim to return the beloved Ash the dragon to his rightful place.

Congratulations to Jordan, Adam, Mat, Josh, Jason and Nathan who join myself and Josh Townley in the team to compete in the North Wales Team Championship.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the league Trophy presentation this Thursday 6th June.

Crusade Campaign begins!

League Season 3 is due to begin later this year with more details to follow, for now attention turns to the 8 week narrative crusade which begins this Thursday 6th June, this is a turn up and play campaign open to all players new and old, games arranged on the evenings based on attendance so now is the perfect time to come and try out 40k 10th edition in a friendly informal setting, models available for use to those without an army. Overview video below.

League Cup results

This past weekend also saw the conclusion of the season 2 league cup tournament with the top 4 players taking the last spots in the NWTC team to face Wrexhammer. The tournament was open to any players who had not yet qualified for the place in the team and saw 14 players take on the challenge.

A huge congratulations to James Wright (centre left) who on his first competitive tournament took home the league cup trophy and a spot in the NWTC team.

A big congratulations as well to Steve (left) Rich (Centre right) and Fer (right) who secured the remaining 3 places in the team.

Thank to all the players who took part, next events are due to take place in July.


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Unknown member
Jun 04

Congratulations all. Well run guys!

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