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Terms of Membership

The purpose of the Club is to promote board, card, roleplay and war-gaming in all its facets, in the Flintshire area.

The Club will provide a community for gamers to meet in person, arrange club gaming nights and facilitate informal game sessions between members.


The Club will promote the hobby of gaming and its health, wellbeing and social benefits. The Club will promote positive relations and support other games clubs or societies when practicable.


Membership is open to all aged 18+ and is deemed to be conferred after participation in six organised sessions within 12 months. Only members may vote at Club meetings (including AGM) or otherwise be involved in Club decisions.

There is a mandatory fee, for each meeting set by the committee.

Equal Opportunities

No member or visitor shall be discriminated against on grounds of sex, ethnic group, colour, religion, physical or mental status, political beliefs, sexual orientation, social class or anything a reasonable person would find unjust.


All Club members should be well-mannered, courteous and considerate to all members of the Club and visitors and participants in Club activities must abide by: The Statutory and Common Law of the United Kingdom; All Health and Safety laws and rules applicable to the UK; The rules of the Club as stated in its Constitution or in other communications authorized by the committee.

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